How to use Coinspectator

We are a big fan of Coinspectator and here’s a little how-to-guide on staying up-to-date on the news they provide. They launched in 2013 and started off as a Crypto blog. Soon they grew into an impressive real-time news aggregation platform which aims to provide traders, investors and enthusiast a great source of diverse information on crypto. They’re showing some impressive statistics, such as:
– 105K News Pieces
– 195K Discussion Topics
– 23K Influencer Comments
– & much more

With their tool you can quickly act on the latest crypto news, market volatility, investment tips, ICO launches, projects milestones etc.

So How to filter information?
To avoid getting blown-away by the amount of information their reproducing, you can use some filters to zoom in on the content of your interest (see image below). You can filter by ‘Latest News’ & ‘Top News’, but also on ‘News’ and/or ‘Blogs’. But the easiest is to use the search bar to filter down to specific content of your interest, such as news about a certain coin. You can also collapse the filters if you want more screen space and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate the website.

What information is available?
Apart from the title of the news-source, they are also showing an excerpt of the underlying source & the usual information such as credits to the original author and date of the post. Navigating the website with the arrow keys is especially useful when you have you filters set up properly, since you can just navigate down and scan all the excerpts of your interest.

What other cool tricks do they have?
They have some nice attributes you can give to posts, such as ‘Bullish’, ‘Bearish’, ‘Shilling’ & ‘Fud’, which they rightfully call ‘community sentiment’. They also show when a post is ‘hot’ (trending story) and you can always give a thumbs up or down for certain headlines.

We like it! All in all they have some nice features & the extra information they provide on each news-item is very interesting. Hopefully in the future you can filter more, such as on ‘Bullish’-items or ‘Hot’-items. It would also be great to be able to set up ‘alerts’ if you’re looking for certain information, such as the latest on whitepapers ;). Check them out here: