Legacy media is dying. Their corporate content has less and less appeal and viewers are
spending more time on social media than ever before.
Major social platforms are suppose to be free and open solutions – platforms for the people…
But they have increasingly become corrupted.

How so? By censoring those voices that have the most important things to say. Many
independent thinkers with points of view different than those of the status quo have had their
channels de-monetized, or minimized with complex algorithms that keep these voices from
being heard.

And if keeping alternative views from the public isn’t bad enough – User information is being
sold and profited from every step of the way. is the solution

Imagine a social media platform that was built to resist top down censorship and control. A
platform that encourages and makes profitable those that speak and spread truth, while
allowing the community to down vote propaganda and lies.

This platform also includes a lot of cool technology designed to EMPOWER people to fully
express themselves. Including the ability to connect other social networks to a single interface
(social dashboard), but most importantly this is a platform made by the people, for the people! Website Whitepaper