eosBLACK Whitepaper

eosBLACK is a multiverse that contributes to the expansion of EOSIO DApps through
a collaborative platform called ‘Crypto Factory’. It is expected to play a pivotal role
in establishing EOSIO as the Android of blockchain.

Through EOSIO, eosBLACK aims to overcome the structural limitations that have impeded
the growth of existing blockchains, including:

· Hard fork due to bifurcation of consensus and governance
· Consensus algorithm that is not suitable for large-scale transactions
· Burden of DApp building costs assumed by developers
· Entry barriers other than development, due to a lack of understanding about coin economy
· Emergence of regulations related to ICOs

By adopting the BFT-DPoS consensus algorithm, EOSIO provides more rapid block
creation speed than existing blockchain technology and will be a user-friendly
platform (i.e. by not charging user transaction fees).

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which have emerged as a new method of raising
development capital, are becoming more difficult due to skepticism brought
about by previous scams and government regulations. Some now even view ICOs
as a waste of time and resources, and there is a generally negative sentiment
surrounding the concept. In response to this, eosBLACK eliminates the
cumbersome process of launching an ICO by financing its development capital
using inflation of its own coins together with income generated from operating
its own decentralized exchange (DEX).

The success of EOSIO depends on the number of DApps that are operated on the
platform. eosBLACK provides the optimal environment for DApp development
through the collaborative platform Crypto Factory. Also, in contrast with the
EOSIO platform where DApp developers are faced with the economic burden
of staking EOS for computing resources, eosBLACK utilizes a ‘Representatives’
Consensus Body’ to eliminate fundamental impediments to development by
resolving the issue of computing resource allocation, which previously relied on
market logic.

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eosBLACK Whitepaper