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This document outlines technical innovations both in the
blockchain and patent pending-pending AI anti-fraud. The
white paper and patent pendings describe artificial
intelligence (AI) advancements that the Adbank platform’s
owners will leverage to disrupt middlemen in the digital
advertising space. In addition to Adbank’s technical
innovations, this document will outline how Adbank business
plan is different from existing strategies and will show how
the company plans to disrupt the digital advertising
ecosystem, through a strategy of acquiring existing ad

Experts agree that Blockchain technology has the potential
to address many of the major problems currently plaguing
the digital advertising industry.

In 2017, an estimated $223.74 billion will be spent worldwide
on digital advertising, with middlemen taking up to 75% of
the investment, and advertisers losing another $16.4 billion to
ad fraud.

“Just 25% of chief marketing officers’ (CMO) digital media
investment reaches target audiences,” stated Association of
National Advertisers (ANA) CEO Bob Liodice during his
opening remarks at the ANA’s Masters of Marketing
conference in October 2017. “This atrocity represents more
than $20 billion of marketing waste, inefficiency, and

If Liodice’s estimate is correct, $167.805 billion (75%) of the
estimated $223.74 billion that will be spent on digital
advertising in 2017 will go to middlemen, not advertisers or
publishers. When fraud is added to that amount, the amount
of investment not going to advertisers and publishers is
$184.205 billion.

Whitepaper AdBank 2017

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adbank Whitepaper