Zilla Whitepaper


The ZILLA founders share the common vision to create an ICO purchasing platform.
ZILLA will act as a gateway for Crypto enthusiasts to easily and safely participate in
various vetted ICOs, while also allowing companies to do an ICO more effectively.
ICO crowdsales are becoming more commonplace. With more than 1500 ongoing ICOs
and counting, it is becoming overwhelming for buyers to keep track, compare, and verify
various ICOs. Moreover, the ever growing complexity of the ICO environment for new,
would-be crypto enthusiasts is both astounding and paralyzing. No simple consumerCopyright
friendly and intuitive platform exists that enables participants to conveniently grasp and
compare competing ICOs.

In addition, there is no central authority or institution (by design) that is a reference point
for new crypto enthusiasts. The discovery of new ICOs remains a challenge. Before the
decision is made to participate in an ICO, potential participants must painstakingly learn
about how proposed projects will work, investigate the backgrounds and qualifications
of the team behind the projects, and understand exactly what they are purchasing. The
risk of scams and fake crowdsales undermine the credibility of the sector, and the
process of completing KYC requirements for multiple projects is time-consuming. These
issues reduce the amount of attention each ICO gets, and as the number of ICOs
increases, maximizing exposure for quality ICOs becomes more important.

ZILLA makes this entire process simpler, by providing a unified marketplace for ICO
crowdsales. In the same way platforms like Etrade and Ant Financial made the stock
market more accessible to the general public, or Alibaba and Amazon make it easy to buy
products online, ZILLA brings ICO token crowdsales to regular users in the form of one
simple app. Users are presented with a comprehensive list of properly-vetted ICO
projects, together with all the information needed to make an informed decision about
which projects to participate in. Once a decision has been made, users can participate
in their chosen project with a single click.

ZILLA will also be the first multi-lingual app ICO platform that will allow individuals from
Japan, Korea, China, as well as English-speaking countries to participate and view ICO
information in their own language. We identified those markets to be the hotbeds of the
crypto market, and no single ICO platform to-date is inclusive of all these markets.

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Zilla Whitepaper