ZeusCrowdfunding Whitepaper

ZeusNetwork is a decentralized ERC-20 token “ZEUS” designed to provide users with the ability
to donate to charities, disaster relief programs, and fundraising campaigns without the
interference of any third party or governing body.

Crowdfunding Examples:
• Natural or man-made disaster relief
• Illness or injury relief
• Poverty relief
• Funeral expenses
• Education donations
• Athletic team fundraising

Mission Zeus Network is built on the Ethereum Network, which enables fast and secure transactions
where funds can be sent to anyone globally within seconds. This revolutionary technology
provides a platform for any user to participate in charitable giving, no matter what the prior
limitations may have been. As long as one has an internet or mobile connection, a transaction
can take place.

Vision As we know it, donating to charity is big business with many organizations handling several
million in revenue. Unfortunately, many organizations have become morally and ethically
unsound in how they handle those funds. By applying our blockchain technology, Zeus Network
will create a new pathway for both for-profit and non-profit crowdfunding distribution and
work to eliminate corruption.

ZeusCrowdfunding Website
ZeusCrowdfunding Whitepaper