ZelCash Whitepaper

Blockchain technology will change the world in ways that couldn’t have been imagined
five years ago. MarketsandMarkets predicts a 61.5% annual growth rate through at least 2021,
and the World Economic Forum report predicts that by 2027 10% of global GDP will be stored
on blockchain-related technology.[1],[2]

Blockchain’s transparency, immutability, and disintermediation eliminate the need for a
third party, reducing fees, enhancing security, and eliminating counterparty risk. It
offers simplicity: Operations are added to a single public ledger, avoiding the clutter,
chaos, and headaches generally associated with multiple ledgers.

Perhaps most important, blockchain empowers people, giving them more control over
their transactions and interactions with information and financial dealings (not to
mention their own data).

Clearly, blockchain offers tremendous potential to reshape privacy and security–and,
ideally–transform the global economy.

But only ideally, at this point. Lack of accessibility and usability have stalled adoption.
Scalability issues abound. Other challenges include distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)
attacks, crashing exchanges, a lack of fiat gateways, and–especially for the average
user–a baffling system of hex addresses. The result: siloed ecosystems, security
vulnerabilities, and high–sometimes insurmountable–barriers to entry.
As outlined in this paper, we plan to address–even solve–these issues.
Our platform provides an intuitive, frictionless experience, facilitating cross-chain
transactions in a simple and clean interface for users and developers alike. With Zel, we
created an all-inclusive and standardised environment that allows developers to focus
their efforts on the blockchain solutions. This will foster the free creation of DApps and
smart contracts that are open to all.

The vision articulated and the solutions described in this whitepaper represent the first
steps toward demolishing barriers, driving global blockchain adoption, and effecting
disruptive transformation.

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ZelCash Whitepaper