Zeepin Whitepaper


The Foundation’s goal is to promote development, research and advocacy for the Zeepin
blockchain (Zeepin Chain), which is a decentralised blockchain developed for the global creative
industry and the decentralised sharing new economy community thereon, which would help global
creative content producers and innovators with assets digitisation and rights confirmation, enable
efficient transactions and crowd-funding of creative assets, help organisations and individuals
improve innovation efficiency, and incubate a large number of self-governing for-profit creative
organisations applying blockchain technology to the sharing economy model. In the community on
Zeepin Platform, each organisation or individual will have a reliable digital identity and be able to
convert innovative or creative resources into digital assets, which are secure and may be shared
on Zeepin Chain, so as to reduce risks in trading between users and improve creation efficiency.
The decentralised platform to be build by the Foundation on the Zeepin blockchain is designed to
be the world’s leading blockchain-based innovation, transaction, and crowd-funding platform for the
creative industry (Zeepin Platform).

Based on the standard open source framework consisting of the NeoContract smart contract
system and front-end library, Zeepin Platform enables any organisation or individual (including
creators, manufacturers, and channel partners) to launch innovative projects or jointly organise
decentralised self-governing innovation teams.

To better suit the features of the Sharing New Economy, the Foundation’s technical team has
designed and built the bottom blockchain infrastructure and business framework in a manner which
will be more suitable for the Zeepin community and future applications. In this way, the Zeepin
Chain database will be more suited to develop applications based on the consistency of massive
data, covering credit investigation, digital copyright, anti-counterfeiting, etc. It is planned that
atomic transactions on Zeepin Chain can support electronic assets, asset swaps, payment, and
other functions. Meanwhile, the technical team has greatly extended functions at the protocol layer,
so as to support various dApps which are planned for release under the Zeepin name.

In conclusion, Zeepin Plaform provides support for innovators from putting forward an idea to fully
operating project, including project crowd-funding, team formation, copyright protection, IP
transactions etc. In addition, the Zeepin team behind the development of Zeepin Platform has
accumulated rich industrial experience and resources, and the Foundation will work with Arting365
to enable over 1.2 million designers worldwide to provide creative services for their customers, and
possibly even the whole industry in the Zeepin community. Through the usage of the native tokens
(ZPT) on Zeepin Chain, the Zeepin Platform connects creative content with people in need of
creative ideas through embedded smart contracts.

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