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India’s big data generation is increasing exponentially and is expected to reach 3 Zebibytes per
year (1 Zebibyte = 10247 bytes, about trillion Gigabytes) by 2020, driven by continued growth of internet usage,
social networks, proliferation of smart phones, as well as the digital initiatives and structural reforms
undertaken by the Indian government. At the same time, incidents of data crimes such as data hacks, data leaks,
data tampering, identity thefts are on the rise, which are costing Indian organizations and consumers more
than $30 billion annually.

High value data like land registry, educational documents, employment, transaction and health
records etc. are required by individuals and organizations as part of their routine activities.
However, current mechanism of data exchange is mostly manual, paper based, slow and fraught
with risks of tampering, forgery and thefts.

Governments worldwide are realizing the need to add stringent data regulations to safeguard
people’s interest with steep penalties for non-compliance. Examples are India Supreme Court
Ruling on Privacy, European Union GDPR, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act and India
Privacy Bill. However, enforcement of data protection regulations is still manual and are prone to

Recognizing the need and opportunity to enable with technology the enforcement of data
protection regulations, Zebi has created a Blockchain driven, unique and holistic solution to make
high value and sensitive data readily available for legitimate use. Zebi safeguards data against
hacking and tampering, while obtaining consent from individuals. The solution comprises of Zebi
Chain™ to provide immutability to critical records, coupled with a central hub called Zebi Data
Gateway which enables secure and instant data exchange through Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)
APIs. Zebi’s innovative, proprietary solution set is one of the first in industry and is patent pending.
Zebi has developed the Zebi Blockchain Solution and is carrying out its operations through its
affiliate Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. in India.

Integrated with Ethereum blockchain, Zebi Chain™ gives complete flexibility to customers with
respect to private/public blockchain utilization. Smart contracts enabled on Zebi Data Gateway
ensure that data exchange occurs only with consent and that all stake holder receive their
deserved share of the data monetization. Accounting for the risks specified in this Whitepaper in
the section titled “Risks and Uncertainties”, This has the potential to transform broad range of
industries: protection and verification of land registry, education, employment, transaction and
health records, credit scoring, personalized marketing and fraud detection.
Zebi Chain™ has been well received by the market. Zebi, through its affiliate Zebi Data India Pvt.
Ltd., recently signed a multi-year contract to implement Zebi Chain™ for one of India’s largest state
governments (with 50m population) to safeguard their land assets.

Additionally, Zebi has a healthy pipeline of prospects across India and is prospecting through its
affiliates for projects across Singapore, USA and other countries. Zebi Chain™ installations will be
connected to Zebi Data Gateway, which will serve as the pipeline for authorized use of data for
commercial purposes. If we are able to rapidly scale and add more Zebi Chain™ customers, the
value proposition for the users of Zebi Data Gateway may grow exponentially. The combined value
of market available in India for both the products is pegged at $5 billion9 annually.
Zebi is introducing Zebi Coin (ZCO), a utility token which will be used as mode of payment for all
Zebi services, including transaction processing through the Gateway and data protection by Zebi

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