ZMINE Whitepaper

ZMINE Team is a group of computer engineers who are interested in encryption
and decryption technology gathered to develop an advanced system for cryptocurrency mining. In 2017, we started a unique business model called WRYGC (We Rent
Your Graphic Card). The main concept is that everyone can bring their own GPUs
to our mining operation. We will operate and split the cryptocurrency received
from the mining operation between GPU owners and us without any additional
management fee.

Due to the huge interest in cryptocurrency mining and our rapid growth business,
we currently have more than 10,000 GPUs operating in our facility. Strek Co., Ltd.,
the largest graphics card distributor in Southeast Asia acknowledged our potential.
The company became our strategic partner with its CEO joining our board of

With our unique business model and strong partnership, we saw the opportunity
to issue “ZMINE Token (ZMN)” to fundraise the purchase of a great number of GPUs
in order to meet our customers’ demand, as well as to meet the conditions of the
GPU’s factory which requires a large deposit amount and a long period of lead time
for the delivery of a large batch of GPUs.

ZMINE Token will be available for purchasing and exchanging for GPUs installed in
our system later. Buyers will become the owners of GPUs and will possess all the
rights of a GPU’s owner. The company also has the policy to buy tokens back at
every price and burn them all at a pre-defined time in every month.

ZMINE Token will bring you a great opportunity to join our journey to become the
largest cryptocurrency mine in the industry together. We are very confident that
our ZMINE token will be the best investment you have ever made before. We look
forward to having you join us on this exciting journey.

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ZMINE Whitepaper