ZCore Whitepaper

Cryptocurrencies, which are both a digital bearer asset and a payment system, like the rst cryptocurrency, were
developed with the main purpose to make possible exchanges between people, in the digital environment, in a totally
decentralized way, in other words, without the intermediation of a trusted third party, usually a nancial institution.
In this context, it is evident that, in addition to make possible direct exchanges from person to person in the digital
environment, which is widely known as peer-to-peer (P2P), there is an expectation that these transactions will also be
truly simplied, from a perspective of practicality and usability, in a way that anyone able to operate a smartphone and
a messaging application, will also be able to perform transactions with cryptocurrencies, making this part of their daily

Although the cryptocurrencies have, in general, successfully achieved the purpose of serving as a medium of
exchange between people in the digital environment, it is certain that still remains the expectation of making
this process truly simplied, allowing for all people, with much or less technology skills, full access to the
emerging cryptocurrency market and its many benets, which, it is important to note, are not only limited to
cryptocurrency transactions and the possibility of safeguarding your own money without the need for a third
party condence, but also access to exclusive services and investments of this peculiar market.
It is precisely with this vision, to simplify and facilitate, at various levels and aspects, how people interact with
the world and the technology provided by the cryptocurrencies, that ZCore (ZCR) was born in March 2018,
that even with few months of full-activity, already has an engaged community of more than 10,000
participating members, and a powerful system for blockchain services, some already in full operation,
such as the ZCore Ads service, a platform for sponsored ads in communication applications with more
than 15 million downloads and 2 million monthly active users and payment in ZCore, and the ZCore
Masternodes System (ZMS), a platform specially created with the objective of making the
experience of investing in masternodes of various cryptocurrencies as simple as possible, since
this task required before signicant technical knowledge of programming and commands,
undoubtedly a huge obstacle for users with less technological knowledge that wish to have access to
this type of investment.

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ZCore Whitepaper