ZClassic Whitepaper


Zclassic is a decentralized blockchain which uses the Zcash
source code with the 20% Founder’s Reward removed.

1 Zclassic Mission
Zcash is a cryptocurrency run by the Zero Coin Inc. In order to fund their
operations, a 20% mining “Founder’s Reward” is included.
Every block, in order to maintain consensus, miners running the Zcash code
send 20% of their newly mined rewards to an address controlled by the Zero
Coin Inc.

Because the Zcash source code is open source, Zclassic simply removes the
20% Founder’s Reward. This gives people the option to mine a blockchain using
the same technology of Zcash, but without paying the 20% Founder’s Reward.
The mission of Zclassic is to stay as similar to Zcash from a technology perspective,
but to never take any pre-mine, founder’s-reward or any other kind of
fee that goes to a small group of individuals with special permissions whether
elected, appointed, or otherwise.

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