YouLive Coin Whitepaper

We are an Influencer in the live broadcast industry, as well as an enthusiast of
virtual currency, and more as a believer in the decentralized world.

In the real world, during content sharing on the live platform, we have found
many unreasonable facts which we had to endure, for example:
 The Monopoly Live Platform and the Influencer agencies gained most of the Viewers’
spending through unequal distribution model.
 The Influencers, as individuals on a large number of webcasting platforms,
they were forced to accept the various levels of exploitation by the different
platforms while undergoing long-term live broadcasts and under intense
work pressure.
 As a Viewer, you may have given a 1-dollar gift to your favorite Influencer, but
eventually she / he may only get 20 cents.
 The Influencers gained a lot of Internet traffic for the live broadcast platform
by sharing high quality content, and the platform grabbed a huge amount of
advertising revenue with content and massive data, but the Influencers did
not benefit from it.
 When the Advertisers want to delivery advertisement through an Influencer,
they can hardly negotiate directly with the Influencer for the prices of
advertisements but may have to raise the advertising costs through the
intermediary links such as the live platform and agencies.

This is very unfair!

In the virtual currency world, we firmly believe that blockchain technology will
certainly change the value exchange method of mankind, and we expect more
believers to join in and build a community that is large enough.
However, since the publication of the White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, the
community mainly consisted of Geek and miners; as technology developed, more and
more projects based on the upgrading of blockchain technology emerged and
communities developed, the number of members was also on the rise, but mainly in
the context of Geeks, digital world fans and investors.

We are involved in a number of blockchain projects to support community
development, but to this day, the blockchain world does not yet have a community of
sufficiently large membership, that is, the real mass community.

In short, the underlying technology in the blockchain is constantly evolving, what
issues should be addressed in the direction of technology and how to get healthy
development of the entire ecosystem require a sufficiently large number of
community members to verify, finding problems during the engagement, then solving
the problems, and gradually forming virtuous cycle for the development of the
decentralized world.

Fortunately, at the same time, improvements in Internet bandwidth technology
and smartphone performance provide a good foundation for live Internet streaming.
We would like to see a qualitative leap forward in the blockchain industry if the
upgrade of blockchain technology can be conducted in a live broadcast community
where the general public is widely involved.

So, YouLive was born, it would be a decentralized community of tens of millions /
hundreds of millions of members and a Decentralized Live Platform dominated by
community members.

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YouLive Coin Whitepaper