YOYOW Whitepaper


YOYOW, named from “You Own Your Own Words”, is a blockchain-based network aiming to
quantify participants’ contribution and give reciprocal value to participants in the content
producing sector with decentralized consensus methods so that content producers, content
supporters, curators, and consumers of the content ecosystem can be provided with incentives
and reciprocal returns as appropriate.

YOYOW is designed for establishing a rational content-generated value distribution mechanism
and a value network based on users’ ratings on content. Any content platforms (including but not
limited to websites and APPs), regardless of their themes presented in the format of text, video,
image, audio or live broadcast, etc., are eligible to create the corresponding content-oriented
value platforms based on the YOYOW network. Content producers, content supporters, curators
and builders of the content ecosystem will be recognized according to the YOYOW ecoenvironment
and users’ ratings of content

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YOYOW Whitepaper