YEE Whitepaper


The current decentralization movement is ambitious and will provide great opportunities for new social and
economic interactions. The rapid development of blockchain technology, initially used for cryptocurrencies, is
expanding to various applications and is expected to revolutionize the Internet world. However, for industrialscale
application, current and recent blockchain architectures alone does not yet have a solid technical and
ecological foundation to meet the demands of massive content delivery and fast transaction capability to provide
the superior user experience. Now it is the time to build such an industrial-scale platform.
Having established a large-scale centralized cloud communication & social platform, Yee plans to smoothly
migrate to a blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem while improving the user experience. We will build a new
generation of blockchain architecture that provides the underlying platform for related DApps and evolving
The project is composed of four parts as follows:
• YeeChain: a blockchain supporting fast transaction and high-efficiency storage
• YeeNet: a cloud-based communication network based on YeeChain
• Launching typical applications: YeeCall, YeeWallet, Dapp, and YeeStore
• Yee ecosystem blueprint

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YEE Whitepaper