Xriba Whitepaper

Xriba was created to bridge the traditional financial frameworks
with that of the Cryptocurrency Market and to bring an increased
level of transparency and accountability to all markets.
In traditional businesses, when companies receive
investment and startup capital they are subject to an
increased level of transparency and accountability.

Traditional businesses remain transparent and
accountable to their investors and supporters by
releasing quarterly statements, working hand-in-hand
with investors maintaining clear communication of road
maps and timelines, taking advice and input from investors
and other applied tactics. Each traditional company works
differently, but a common denominator that they all have is
quarterly statements that inform their investors and
supporters of their current financial standings.

This accountability and transparency is completely missing from
the cryptocurrency space. Nearly all cryptocurrency companies
fail to produce quarterly statements and rely on their marketing
team’s tactics to convey the companies current standing to both
their investors and the public. This creates a transparency
problem in the cryptocurrency space and makes it very difficult to
properly evaluate a cryptocurrency company. The current method of
evaluating a cryptocurrency company is very subjective and leaves much
room for interpretation. The current method involves:
• Examining the Team, team members and advisors
• Examining the technology offered by the
company and predicting the impact that
technology will have on the technology sector;
• Evaluating the partnerships of the
cryptocurrency company to determine how
connected they are in the overall market;
• Looking at the current market cap of the
cryptocurrency and personal discernment to
determine if that company is under/over valued
compared to its market cap;
• Examining the overall network traffic and number
of transactions that occur on that cryptocurrency

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