Xchange Whitepaper

Xchange app is the biggest and most revolutionary idea in
the shared economy and on a blockchain platform. The
app turned the tables around on demand and supply as we
know it around the globe. Xchange makes all item
purchasing/renting much more accessible by enabling the
posting of a need for an article and matching it with
suppliers in order to fulfill a need, rather than the inefficient
traditional method of finding a specific supplier for every
specific item in life. Imagine that instead of accessing a
website that sells bikes, or visiting a bike shop, you could
simply post the bike that you would like to buy and the
price willing to pay. And the same with any other item in
the world.

Xchange enables users to get in touch directly with item
suppliers in order to exchange products using XCH tokens,
and it effectively ensures that item suppliers constantly
fulfill the users needs. Because exchange is based on a
powerful principle that states “what some need others
have”. And through the use of our own community, we will
give society the power of materializing instant needs.

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Xchange Whitepaper