Xaurum Whitepaper


The technology of financial transactions and their use is rapidly changing with the advent of smart-phone
payments, financial apps, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding and crypto-currencies. We anticipate
this trend will continue, especially through development and implementation of decentralized and/or
distributed ledgers that will most likely become ubiquitous as protocols and a normal part of the web
user experience and reduce the use or replace the current financial tools available on and offline.
While costs of securing the ledger will be lowered by the development of different ledger implementations,
the costs and profits of issuing new money supply are distinct and always presents a systemic
problem for the particular currency, a problem that immediately affects its value and consequently its

For this reasons Xaurum focuses on the function of preservation
of value on ledger(s), viewing it as concern separate
from the development of ledger implementation
technologies and more general in nature. The problem
of storage of value is a problem of money in general,
one that Xaurum is solving by creating a representative
crypto-currency based on gold.

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Xaurum Whitepaper