XYO Network Whitepaper

With the growing presence of connected, location-reliant technologies, our privacy
and safety rely heavily on the accuracy and validity of location information. Various
attempts have been made to eliminate the need for centralized entities controlling the
flow of location data, but every attempt has relied on the integrity of the devices collecting this data in the physical world. We propose a trustless, cryptographic location
network using a novel formulation reliant on a chain of zero-knowledge proofs to establish a high degree of data certainty on location information. The XYO Network
(XY Oracle Network) is an abstraction that enables layered, location verification
across many device classes and protocols. At its core sits a set of novel cryptographic
mechanisms known as Proof of Origin & Bound Witness that tie together the
power of blockchain technology and real world data collection into a system with direct applications today.

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XYO Network Whitepaper