XMax Whitepaper

XMAX is a “Next Generation Blockchain Ecosystem” designed as a
main-chain with concurrent functional sidechains. The ecosystem
will provide the following decentralized solutions:

● The “Galaxy Multichain Network” multi-chain design for simplified blockchain
● High TPS multichain structure with plug-and-play sidechain management
system for flexible scalability.
● VRF-based algorithm to improve system performance and maintain security.
● XMAX Community Contracts – community members can collaborate to create
social smart contracts (multi-party contracts).
● Equal-opportunity node selection,lower system requirements for miners,
encourages fairer competition for ledger node selection.
● Native support for both currency and asset tokens (non-fungible),support for
user created tokens and trading via the XMAX Wallet.
● Powerful SDK for entertainment DAPP developers with tools for fast
● XMAX Studio – a fast IDE with WebX.JS language(JavaScript-based)a simplified
development language.
● XMAX 3D – game development tools to integrate games with blockchain
● Scalable sidechains, high-performance cross-chain communication
(interoperability for 3rd-party blockchain tokens), side-chain timestamp
packaging protocol.
● GAS Fees for both mainchain and sidechains to incentivize mining participation
across the ecosystem.

XMax Website
XMax Whitepaper