XMCT Whitepaper

The demand for high quality health care experiences grows rapidly by
day and such demand for Health care and insurance has now reached
a multi-institutional, interregional and even global level. In such a
diversified global health care system, medical data management is
facing significant challenges, especially in relation to the storage,
management and sharing of personal medical data. The blockchain
technology with its decentralized data storing, immune from
unauthorized amendments and complete trust nature can build an
efficient platform for the storage, management and sharing of
sensitive medical data.

XMED Chain (XMC) is the world first application system that utilizes the
blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytical
power. Users or patients can upload and manage their personal medical
records through XMC, which would allow them to have ownership of
their own personal data that cannot be edited by other parties without
the owner’s authorization. XMC utilizes the characteristics of
blockchain, such as decentralized consensus, “trustless”, and
immutable, to encrypt and store personal medical data. XMC also
utilizes AI and big data to analyze and provide personalised information
of the global medical services that meets the need of the users, which
will provide a safe and efficient data management platform for
individual and institutional users. XMC will be an important milestone in
the integration of a borderless health care system so as to realize the
global sharing of the medical resources.Our vision is to build a patient-oriented, sustainable and intelligentized
ecosystem in medical data management in order to achieve a
globalized health care system

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XMCT Whitepaper