XDNA Whitepaper

Nowadays the virtual space is facing a hurricane of cryptocurrencies stirring up
millions of people’s minds around the world. The glory and success of the Bitcoin
project inspires many enthusiasts, so almost every day there are more and more
new digital coins and tokens being created.

Unfortunately, the quality of ~90% of blockchain projects leaves much to be
desired, and is sometimes really appalling. Seekers of profit and making money at
the expense of others, scammers and crooks creating clones of well-known
cryptocurrencies, faking names, logos, injecting hidden viruses into the source code
and binaries – the cryptoworld has never been such a dangerous place as it is now.
In the midst of this carnival of the faceless altcoins being created only for
speculations, a group of skilled crypto enthusiasts accustomed to high quality and
thorough professional approach, have come to an idea.

The idea of creating a project, which the electronic world and fans of the new
digital economy have never seen before.

The project combining all the positive aspects of successful digital currencies
and, at the same time, taking into account all of their flaws and weak points.
The project satisfying miners, investors, and even ordinary people with no idea
about the new digital reality of our days.

The project bringing tangible benefits not only to the digital world but also to the
real one.
The project conquering the hearts of all its users and firmly standing in line with
Ethereum, Dash, Neo, Zcash, Monero, and the others.
In the process, we relied on certain principles:
● Our project must solve a number of specific problems related to the modern
● Our project must satisfy both the miners and the investors.
● Our project should bring real benefits to humanity.
Only adherence to these principles made it possible for us to create something
more than just a digital currency and to build a sustainable chain between the virtual
and the real world.

The chain, which would be firmly entwined in the objective reality with chains of
events, relationships, family ties, and with the most hi-tech chains – chains of blocks.
Life is inconceivable without such chains, so we proudly present to you the brand
new and revolutionary digital cryptocurrency – XDNA.

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XDNA Whitepaper