Wispr Whitepaper

Wispr is a project to implement secure messaging on the blockchain. We have created our own customized blockchain to develop a completely decentralized way of communicating, avoiding all the deficiencies associated with centralization: downtime, security breaches, zero anonymity/privacy.

What is Wispr?
Secure Messaging
Wispr will offer a peer-to-peer messaging service which completely eliminates the risk of third parties breaching your personal privacy. No longer will corporate entities be able to check what you are sending to your friends nor will they be able to sell your personal data to other parties. Furthermore we will implement functions to monetize original content and to create micro-transactions.

Passive Income
Wispr’s Proof-of-Stake algorithms gives anyone the chance to generate passive income. All you need is our wallet! Wispr will give you an opportunity to earn block rewards just by having your wallet open and connected to the internet. Our aim is to make staking as cheap as possible so anyone can join in and help us secure the network.

Wispr Website
Wispr Whitepaper