WildCrypto Whitepaper


The Wild Crypto Token Sale will be going live to the public
at 8 am GMT+1 (London) on 5th September 2017.

This White paper describes how Wild Crypto is going to launch the World’s first truly
global and regulated Crypto Lottery with WILD as the global currency. Our jackpots
will be progressive, huge, and with by far the best odds globally. The lottery
platform will also provide a suite of the most entertaining complementary games.
Pay-out will be to player’s wallets or to our branded WILD pre-pay debit card.
The World’s online lottery market is worth $260 billion, with approximately 4% of
this online according to the World Lottery Association, but that percentage is
growing rapidly, hence the entire industry is set for disruption. Wild Crypto has
brought together a team, including blockchain experts, a successful global fiat
lottery provider, security auditors, marketing specialist and analysts. Unlike other
Token Sale’s 90% of the project has already been delivered by the founding team.
Wild Crypto is raising funds via Token Sale to complete the business plan and
launch the crypto Lottery.

Our core lottery platform is certified and already has an international client base,
which processes millions of transactions, so it is proven. With the additional Wild
Crypto innovation we have extending the capabilities, increased the chances of
winning, and provided more transparency to players. By launching our Crypto
currency (WILD) we will create the global currency of lottery and associated games
with all results published to the blockchain.

By innovating the traditional model we’ve attracted some strategic gaming
partners already familiar with the Crypto space. We have secured gaming content
from the likes of Link 2 Win, Pariplay, Pocket Games Soft, Red Rake and Sideplay
Entertainment which will provide the Wild Crypto lottery platform with exciting
Crypto based games.

We are in official partnership with a global card provider. WILD winners can have
prize pay-outs sent to their wallet, or for the first time, sent straight to their pre-paid
Wild Crypto Winners card. This will solve the problem of ‘win and spend’ by
circumnavigating the Crypto exchange experience. (Please Note: Rules and Regulations
regarding card limits & usage will apply).

We are re-developing the payment integration of the lottery platform to accept
WILD from exchanges or to accept Ether directly.

Our WILD currency is based on Ethereum ERC20. 9,000,000 of which have already
been sold during a private early adopters round on 16th August 2017.
The WILD Token will be able to be bought and sold on Crypto exchanges like
Cryptopia, we will seek to add others after launch.

During the Token Sale we will offer a total of 36 Million Tokens for sale – 6 Million
in a Pre-Sale & another 30 Million in the main sale. The Token Sale will last until all
tokens are sold or 7 Day are up, which ever happens first. If we do not reach a minimum
of 10,000,000 WILD Tokens sold, all Ether will be refunded via the smart contract
to the wallet that provided the Ether – this is includes both Pre & Main Sale.
In summary, Wild Crypto plans to deliver a new generation of online gaming.

• Increase the size of the market by offering a seamless decentralized lottery
using our Ethereum ERC20 based WILD Token.

• Increase the size market by providing a mobile focused product to the
un-served 18-45 age group.

• Provide unprecedented odds and player experience by eliminating the
bureaucratic overheads and government taxes, publishing all of the results to
the blockchain, creating a truly open and honest gaming experience.

• Establishing a globally accessible ERC20 token pegged to the Ethereum
Ether, to create a truly global gaming marketplace.

• Providing payout in Ether, or to those that want it, to a pre-paid card that is
accepted globally.

WILD Tokens are based on the Ethereum ERC20 token standard and will be offered
on our platform at a fixed exchange rate of 100:1. Players will be able to take part in
a global lottery and lottery based games at significantly better odds than national
lotteries. We can do this because we are leveraging existing certified state of the art
technology, without the governmental overheads and bloat.

Players no longer have to suffer odds of 156 million to 1 as with Euro-Millions and
other national or State lotteries.

Wild Crypto will provide a range of games and game odds from 3 million to 1 up to
12 million to 1, depending on the game type, with huge jackpots, in this way the
Wild Crypto platform may see several weekly million token winners.
This is a compelling global business proposition, the games that we will offer are
mobile first, innovative and engaging with elements of skill to appeal to the
millennial and Crypto generation.

Wild Crypto has the technology, the regulatory approvals, and payment systems to
deliver the next generation of lottery and subsequently other gambling entertainment.
Wild Crypto is 90% there. It is secure, compliant, and robust. It is a disruptive
innovative model, with protective technology, and has a prestige team. With your
investment Wild Crypto will revolutionize the lottery market. Join us. Join the
WILD revolution.

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Wild Crypto Whitepaper