Webchain Whitepaper

In Internet of Things era, why limit mining only to PCs with installed specialized software? Every device
with spare resources (including PCs, smartphones and IoT devices), as long as the owner agrees, should
be able to participate in securing the network. Webchain is a transparent web-mineable blockchain
platform made to support Decentralized Applications (DApps), where websites can serve as a hardwareindependent alternative to secure ERC20 & ERC223 smart contracts. We are presenting a working, fully
functional, smart contracts enabled blockchain platform. On top of that, we feel committed to building
tools that help attracting new projects into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Webchain is a platform for
projects that base their business model on mining via websites, for those that want to remain ASICresistant (and support egalitarian coin distribution), or anyone that wants to spread new revolutionary
ways of website monetization. Webchain, and projects built upon it, will be the first real alternatives to
Google Adsense monopoly and will introduce a completely new way for webmasters to generate

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Webchain Whitepaper