WeTrust Whitepaper


WeTrust is a collaborative savings, lending and insurance platform that is autonomous,
agnostic, frictionless, and decentralized. WeTrust utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to create a
full-stack alternative financial system that leverages existing social capital and trust networks,
eliminating the need for a “trusted third party”, allowing for lower fees, improved incentive
structures, decentralized risks, allowing a greater amount of capital to reside among the
participants, and ultimately improving financial inclusion on a global scale.
WeTrust’s first product is a Trusted Lending Circle (TLC) platform, inspired by the ~1 billion
people around the world who are using informal TLCs or Rotating and Saving Credit
Associations (ROSCAs) to lend/ borrow, and support each other financially within their
communities. On top of Trusted Lending Circles, WeTrust plans to build future products that
include sovereign credit identities, trusted direct lending, mutual insurance, and more.

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WeTrust Whitepaper