WeToken Whitepaper

In today’s modern society it’s inconceivable to imagine life without having access to the internet. Ever since its introduction to the public in
1991, the internet has evolved from a mere curiosity, or at most a modern convenience, to what it is today: a modern necessity. Upon
reection it’s quite apparent that indeed nearly all aspects of our lives are intertwined, or better yet, interconnected to the internet. Though
this observation might appear obvious, even trivial to most in the auent societies; the importance of having vs not having access to the
internet cannot be overstated.

While we can agree that this simple fact is generally accepted and recognized, the matter of fact is that we are still confronted by severe
limitations when it comes to having access to the internet.

From our analysis of the global market we’ve distilled the source of the limitation to two pressing issues we’ve set out to resolve:
• Getting access to the internet, brings with it a (relatively) high nancial cost.

• Access to the internet is geographically limited as a result of a lack of publicly available routers.
The goal of WORLD WI-FI is, simply put; To provide everyone, everywhere at anytime: global and free access to the internet.

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WeToken Whitepaper