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WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform.

WePower enables renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy to-kens. These tokens represent energy they commit to produce and deliver. Energy tokenization standardizes simplifies and opens globally currently existing energy investment ecosystem. As a result energy producers can trade directly with the green energy buyers (consumers and in-vestors) and raise capital by selling energy upfront, at below market rates. Energy tokenization ensures liquidity and extends access to capital.

To optimize the financing cycle and open access to capital, WePower enables energy tokeniza-
tion. Tokenized energy represents a contracting mechanism between an energy producer and energy buyer.

WePower comes to the market at a crucial time. Due to a drop in subsidies and increased re-newable energy development competing at market price, banks started increasing demand for own capital (decreasing debt to capital ratio). It moved from 80:20 to close to 50:50 ratio for newly developing renewable energy projects. Equity capital became a limited source of financ-ing contributing to a plunge (-23% YoY) in investment due to smaller leverages.

Energy tokenization together with a platform built on an open decentralized data-base, opens the green energy market globally to a broad pool of investors. In an open platform, new ener-gy projects do not depend on only local investors. Asset liquidity allows more favorable capi-tal-to-debt ratios without using Government subsidies. We estimate that the simplification of the investment process through WePower will significantly reduce financing costs, which is eventually split between renewable energy producers and consumers/investors.

The WePower platform is ready. You can try the demo version on our web page. We are working on the launch of our pilot project with a transmission system operator Elering. Current partner-ships with the renewable energy producers allow WePower to be operational within 9 months after the main token sale. These partnerships will bring a pipeline of projects to be financed for the first 2 years of WePower operations. Having first clients in Spain and being accepted to Startupbootcamp Energy track in Australia, WePower simultaneously expands in two conti-nents.

Our team is led by energy experts Nick Martyniuk, Kaspar Kaarlep, Kristjan Kuhi and Heikki Kolk, who lead a group of 12 highly experienced energy engineers and former-Skype program- mers. Our team of engineers has previously worked on the smart metering implementation countrywide in Estonia, leader in the rollout of full smart grid in the world. Our Blockchain de-velopment is led by Jon Matonis (founding partner of Bitcoin Foundation), our token economy is structured with the help of Eyal Hertzog (chief product architect of the Bancor Protocol) and David Allen Cohen (smart grid innovator) who helps with software matters.

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