WavesGo Whitepaper


WavesGo (www.wavesgo.com) is the main and official block explorer for the Waves
cryptocurrency. It’s already a fully functioning system, with thousands of weekly pageviews.
It has been built with HTML5, AngularJS and a proprietary ‘BI System’ that uses Node.JS and
MongoDB to collate data from the Waves network and present it to the WavesGo block
explorer, making it possible for WavesGo to show data that would otherwise not be possible if it
was just pulling data using the default Waves APIs.

WavesGo presents data on blocks, transactions, accounts, assets and it also has a statistics
view that presents stats of the waves network.

WavesGo runs Waves nodes and provides an LPOS (leasing proof of work) pool, that allows
Waves holders to lease their forging/mining power to WavesGo and get paid in return.
In addition to the functionality above, WavesGo has an exciting backlog of features with a mix of
features envisioned by the founders as well as those requested by the community on
http://feedback.wavesgo.com. The backlog includes several improvements to the block explorer,
a faucet, more network stats, more information about assets, information about upcoming
Waves ICOs, as well as more long-term items such as possibly an online Waves wallet, mobile
apps and more. Whether we develop those long-term items (and how fast we can do so) will in
great part depend on whether we can get the necessary support from WGO.

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WavesGo Whitepaper