WaBi Whitepaper


• 461 billion USD of imported fake goods in circulation globally.

• Regular authenticity and food safety scandals in China and fake
pharmaceuticals in play around the world.

• Blockchain unable to solve the problem without a link
between digital and physical assets.

• Linking digital and physical assets through RFID labels with anti-copy
functionality. Consumers can authenticate the product through their phone.

• Selling consumer products (baby food, cosmetics, alcohol,
pharmaceuticals, etc.) protected by our technology to consumers.

• WaBi Project – a blockchain-based loyalty programme to
encourage and reward purchases in the Walimai safe channel,
and to establish collective security through individual action.
Technology – already operational

• Mobile APPs are available for download from the Apple store,
Google play, QQ store and Baidu app store.

• Secure RFID label with unique anti-reuse design.
Market – tested as a pilot

• Very positive feedback from hundreds of clients regarding the safety of our
products (link to the store is available at www.wacoin.io).

• Sales through 3 pilot O2O terminals at China’s baby stores started in
September 2017.

• WaBi (蛙币) is a digital cryptocurrency which supports Walimai’s anticounterfeit
system and is backed by sales of products protected by Walimai

• Consumers around the world are able to purchase products protected by
Walimai technology with WaBi (蛙币).

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WaBi Whitepaper