WIZBL Whitepaper

Previous generations of Blockchain had led the way in creating a trust-free, independent virtual
economy. From the foundation of Satoshi’s peer-to-peer transaction model introduced in Bitcoin,
to the implementation of smart contracts and the exchange of assets in Ethereum, Blockchain
technology has proven to be a next headway into how people, businesses and industries across
all spectrums interact in the everyday economy.

WIZBL and its Blockchain platform stands as the first to bring radical change and solutions to the
Blockchain while remaining faithful to the basics. It introduces true dispersion as well as a fast
and reliable Peer to Peer Transaction Validation system. This is achieved by using the Peer to Peer
Distributed Database Management System (DDMS) through the installed wallet software.

By eliminating data concentration on the central server, WIZBL’s platform optimizes transaction
processes and verification speeds so that blocks can be handled at 1,000,000 transactions per
second. It also cuts on CPU energy consumption while maximizing security e¬orts to protect
assets and value across the Blockchain. Through all of this, WIZBL is the first to achieve a Blockchain Real-Time Ecosystem that’s scalable across all size of industries and can be developed to
flexibly meet corporate needs with complex data structures. WIZBL is the future of Blockchain
development and will help usher in a new age of cryptocurrency

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WIZBL Whitepaper