WINCOIN Whitepaper


The advent of the Internet has created many wonders and wealth. Almost all the internet trade
need to use the qualified third-party credit institutions to handle the payment purpose. These
systems are still subject to “ Models that are based on credit.”. The digital assets derived from the
blockchain are subverting the third-party credit institutions and facilitating direct payment without
the involvement of third parties.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger, it is a technical scheme to maintain a reliable database
collectively by using a decentralize and distrust way.
Blockchain is the result of the integration of a variety of technical other than a single
technical. These techniques are combined in new structures to form a new way of recording,
storing and expressing data.

Anyone can participate in the blockchain network, each equipment can be used as a code and
each node is allowed to obtain a complete copy of the database. The failure or attack of each node
does not affect the continuous operation of the entire blockchain environment.
Many nodes make up an end-to-end network which does not include centralizing equipment
or management mechanism. The nodes are verified by digital signatures without mutual trust.
Then the node will propagate and record the data in the nodes of the entire network, the data will
never lost and can be traced back, and deception cannot exists between nodes. All the nodes
anonymous for mutual trust is not needed between them and they don’t need to public their

The purpose of the application of block chain is to construct a trusted distributed business
ecological environment that can realize both self-circulation and expand outwards. It can help
millions of physical retailers to open online traffic and offline experiences, and a innovative
blockchain business system that combines new retail, new payment, new media together. The
subordinate of Winner Dynasty Group, Tiandi Jinghua Chain Store has applied blockchain
technology since the initial stage after it was founded. Advanced Pos systems have been installed
in each physical store, and the system of more than 200 physical stores provides the fastest and
accurate detailed data recently, which enables the managers and operators to speed up the
judgment and decision-making on the market by the sharing of data. Physical stores are like the
codes of blockchain that can provide the latest information of various markets at any time, and
complete the cyclical development of the ecology system of the enterprise of Winner Dynasty

WINCOIN Whitepaper