VoteCoin Whitepaper


During the past few decades, technologies have more than anything
else revolutionized every aspect of people’s lives. They are widely
used, rapidly expanding and have changed the characteristics of day
to day activities by simplifying them. People communicate easily,
transfer money in seconds, pay bills and buy staff with minimal effort.
Technologies took charge in every field and on every level of our lives.
Despite the advanced technology people have in present, even more
development is intractable. Every product, service or idea needs to be
continuously improved in order to stay on track. Public polls and even
electoral process are not any exception. But what kind of technology
could assure transparency and fairness in polls and elections, without
a central point of trust?

With VoteCoin, we aim to solve the problem, by providing new and
innovative digital currency with just the right features, which can
greatly improve the whole electoral system and make it more
transparent. It can also simplify public polls, surveys and crowd
funding campaigns and create their process more flexible and easily
trackable. This new digital currency can strengthen democracy and
help people to reach their goals. The detailed information about the
ways it can achieve mentioned results is provided in the upcoming

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VoteCoin Whitepaper