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The expectaons and demands of consumers are constantly increasing –
Up to 25% of customers are keen to pay addional charges to get instant
delivery. By the year 2025, same day delivery of products are expected to
touch a market share of around 25%. By the year 2018, last mile logiscs
and same day delivery is esmated to exceed $1.35 billion. The key
reason behind this rapid rise in last mile logiscs is e-commerce. Logiscs
Management has clarified that e-commerce is esmated to reach to a
figure of$2.4 trillion bythis year.

Last mile delivery provides technological support for business models
which are aspiring to serve the expectaons of consumers to deliver
quickly. In the future, some highly unique and modern modes of delivery
will be available and things like Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs) and
drone delivery will soon get more aenon due to their virtue of
providing prompt service.

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