Vivid Coin Whitepaper

Vivid is disrupting the way people interact,
understand, and communicate their crypto
portfolio. From advanced technical
indicators, to viewing your holdings in a
whole new dimension, to collaborating with
others on advanced trading concepts, our
aim is to advance the possibilities for both
seasoned traders and enthusiastic
newcomers alike.

The cryptocurrency investor upon
investigation utilizes several key tools and
resources in their day to day strategy.
Obviously, the exchanges where trades
themselves occur are a centerpiece to the
process. However, there are a number of
tools that aid one in maintaining a healthy
and thriving portfolio.

For many, the use of a mobile based
portfolio tracking application is of vital
importance. Direct integration with a
smartphone or tablet allows users, for
example, to set alerts on a specific coin
which are sent as push notifications where
they can easily be seen and reacted to.
However, the world of cryptocurrency is a
multi-faceted and thoroughly involved
space, where trading charts and market
data is far from two dimensional in nature.
With the advent of contemporary
smartphones and high quality inside out
positional tracking, it has become possible
to build a set of services to guide investors
through their portfolio in a depth and
understanding not possible on 2D devices.
This exciting technological crossroads and
our own passion for trading as well as the
latest in Augmented and Mixed Reality has
led us to create Vivid.

Currently, the cryptocurrency markets
have seen aggressive and record expansion
as newcomers and traditional investors
flood the space. With millions of new global
users, the platforms and services that many
rely on have undergone extensive
shutdowns, new user registration locks,
and general service degradation due to the
increasing volume.

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Vivid Coin Whitepaper