Vitae Whitepaper

A message from the founder, Michael Weber:
In 2011 I began this venture. I took on the purpose of providing a path to
prosperity for all mankind. I studied philosophy, mathematics and learned about
trending. In 2014 I developed a company with my business partner Derek Burt to begin
what is now the biggest undertaking I have ever faced. It is here that I developed
relationships with people all over the world. From Germany, to Australia. From Canada
to the Philippines. From Russia to The United States. I have helped 1,000’s of people
around the world, overcome financial difficulties. It has always been my joy to be an
important part of helping those in need, by providing the opportunity for them to
succeed. This is a foundation. In all my actions, the purpose to help others by giving
them a path that they themselves make the choice to follow, has always been my

I knew there was a way to create equilibrium, though it is never 100%, it has
been my goal to achieve the highest level of equality in the opportunities I have made
for others. Until now this was very difficult, technology was not as advanced in this way
for some time. Now that we are in the era of blockchain technology, I can give this gift to
the world. This is my purpose. The foundation is giving. The same foundation that is in
all of us. The purpose of Vitae is to fulfill the purpose of your life. To bring back the
foundation of humanity as humanitarians. Working with each other rather than against. I
have proven that no matter where you live, who you are, what you believe in, if you
believe in yourself, you can make a difference. I can not do this alone. I do have the
foundation to build upon, that will enable the world to begin to grow together. It starts
with you. I am just one person. Making a difference, it is when you follow that same
principle foundation, that we, together, achieve prosperity.

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