VisionX Whitepaper

VisionX: X-industry Collaboration Platform for High Performance AI Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of our daily lives and changing the way we do business. However, industrial AI remains a huge, underserved market. For example, Industry 4.0/intelligent manufacturing represents a $4 trillion opportunity; in China alone there are 60 million quality inspectors, costing companies $350 billion per year. Industrial customers urgently need practical, accurate AI solutions that correspond to specific business needs, while many of these needs are indeed similar across a single industry or multiple industries, with examples such as defect detection, visual inspection and predictive maintenance etc. The main challenge faced by these customers is that individually, they do not possess a good AI solution to begin with, nor do they have the capability to gather enough relevant, high quality data to further improve their existing solution. Furthermore, it is very difficult for different companies that operate in the similar or even different industries to collaborate together in the development for AI solutions and data. VisionX establishes a vision of “X”, providing a sustainable and incentive-driven blockchainbased ecosystem that serves as a bridge between companies worldwide to boost the best AI and data solutions across each individual industry, multiple industries AND with personalized solutions for each customer. The tokenized incentive system of VisionX willincludes both token incentives and a unique sharing of future related payments to incentivized ecosystem contributors according to the real value of their contributions. All the
transactions will be monitored and recorded in real-time based on Blockchain tehcnology, making it possible to control the AI solution development process. Based on its unmodifiable characteristic, blockchain technology can build the trust among developers, contributors and requesters within the VisionX AI solution ecosystem. During the process of a transaction, all details are publicly visible, so the process of developing a AI solution will be more transparent, and all involved parties can get a clear view of all the status. For example, contributions such as quality data, cleansing, annotation, data relevancy discovery, AI dataset building, AI solution building and AI solution sales will all be incentivized through token incentive distribution and recorded on the blockchain. Unbiased, high-quality data can be collected globally via VisionX smart contract. Leveraging on this ecosystem, companies and organizations can collaborate on AI solutions that address common needs and while obtaining customizable solutions for their own specific use cases.

VisionX delivers a turn-key solution using its patent-pending AI and DataonomySM algorithms designed by a team of expert AI engineers and data scientists from Fortune 500 companies such as Samsung, Cisco, Panasonic, Midea Group, Microsoft, Rakuten etc. Starting with an initial focus on visual inspection for abnormity. VisionX intends to provide to all potential customers a base AI solution, which is more accurate than the current traditional solutions. Next, a customized solution will be developed for each individual use case with the integrations of additional customer data. Collaboration of platforms based on blockchain technology is not limited by any geographic conditions, and customers who require artificial intelligence solutions can work with data contributors located anywhere on the planet. As customers continue to contribute their data into the ecosystem, VisionX will be able to provide AI applications for various industrial functions beyond abnormity inspection and the manufacturing space. The data asset pool will grow to include thousands of basic solutions and millions of customized solutions for each industry segment, product and use cases in the ecosystem of VisionX. VisionX incentivizes participants to collaborate in three major ways:
1. Participants will benefit immediately upon joining from receiving superior AI solutions that are projected to cut cost by 30 percent;
2. Participants will receive VNX for contributing data to the ecosystem;
3. Through secondary smart contracts, participants will be able to receive VNX from new sales of AI solutions built with their data contributions gain to the ecosystem.

By incentivizing cross-industry collaboration in a revolutionary blockchain-based ecosystem, VisionX will empower AI solution providers and industry business partners to work together to obtain incentives for their individual contributions and benefit from optimized AI solutions. Together, the VisionX team and its collaborators will pave the way for the next industrial revolution.


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