VikkyToken Whitepaper

Today, the world grows to the point where excess crisis is developing into a burden for many economies. So
sharing and optimizing resources is becoming more popular than ever. Uber, Grab aimed at the taxi market,
Airbnb aimed at the hotels, or Flexe aimed at the warehouses to compete with Amazon.

According to the FedEX annual statistics report for 2016, small-parcel service is $ 1.6 billion. Vikky expects to
earn 5-20% of this market share from 2019 to 1980, corresponding to sales of $ 80-320 million
As reported by statistics of aviation industry (, in 2017 there are over 4 billion flights, passengers
have excess baggage allowance of more than 2 kilos / person, with the average rate of 7 USD / kg, we have a
more than $ 56 billion resource which has not been exploited.

Vikky’s aim is to provide our customers with a cheap and fast FedEX-alike service, and a platform for them to
exchange and search for help simply by a message on Vikky

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VikkyToken Whitepaper