Viacoin Whitepaper


Viacoin is an open source crypto-currency created in 2014, derived from the [7]Bitcoin protocol
that supports embedded consensus with an extended OP_RETURN of 120 byte. Viacoin features
Scrypt Merged mining, also called Auxiliary proof of work or AuxPoW, and 25x faster transactions
than Bitcoin. Viacoin mining reward halving takes place every 6 months and has a total supply of
23,176,392.41459 coins. The inflation rate of Viacoin is low due to minimal mining reward. As the
block reward of Viacoin is low, miners are given incentive to mine Viacoin through Merged mining
(AuxPoW). Viacoin is currently mined by one of the biggest mining pools (F2Pool) with a very high

Other features include a mining difficulty adjustment algorithm to address flaws in Kimotos
Gravity Well (DarkGravityWave), Versionbits to allow for 29 simultaneous Soft Fork changes to be
implemented at a time, Segwit and the Lightning Network

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Viacoin Whitepaper