VestChain Whitepaper

VESTCHAIN is one of the newest projects, developed on its own blockchain, designed
to implement and launch new cryptocurrencies onto the market. The main
goal of the project is to create a network capable of processing millions of transactions
per second. VESTCHAIN is a structural complex with a closed ecosystem.
Decentralization and transparency of any transactions on the platform is accomplished
by using application scaling. While using this process, the schemes of interaction
between protocols are created, like the work of operating systems.
The work of this blockchain allows developers, investors, traders and simple crypto
enthusiasts to implement their own cryptocurrency projects and the boldest ideas.
Anyone will be able to buy a new token to operate in a decentralized network,
because the sale will be carried out in parts, as the token will be redeemed.
The first stage of sales implies the release of 1 billion tokens, the second stage will
be 700 million, during all subsequent stages will be issued 100 million of tokens annually.
If the bulk of the tokens won’t be sold during the current calendar year, the
new lot will not be released and won’t go on sale. This innovation will stimulate traders
and founders of ICO projects to buy tokens. If the tokens won’t be redeemed
on time, the value of the token will also grow, since its free quantity on the market
will constantly decrease. The first two lots of tokens constitute 50% of the planned
volume, thus the release of new coins will continue for the next three years. If the
coins won’t be redeemed, the term of the final issue will be postponed for a year.

vestchain whitepaper

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Vestchain whitepaper