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Opportunity Through Accessibility
Accessibility Through Opportunitiy
Innovation and transparency has been – and always will be – key characteristics of the project.

VeriCoin became the first cryptocurrency to utilize a unique blockchain protocol called “Proof of Stake Time” which provided an added layer of security and consensus over standard Proof of Stake coins. It was one of the first projects in which the developers were not anonymous and presented their true names and faces.

The VeriConomy Is Born

In 2016 the developers released their biggest innovation and concept to date – Verium. While VeriCoin acts as an extremely fast and near-zero transaction costs currency, Verium was designed as a digital reserve backed by the hard costs of a unique “Proof of Work Time” protocol. Keeping in mind the goal of “Opportunity Thru Accessibility”, Verium can only be efficiently mined with conventional CPU memory – something most everyone in the world has easy access to. This allows more people the opportunity to profitably mine with computing hardware they already own or can get easy acquire.

The next chapter…

Our dream is to help build a world in which everyone has the opportunity to easily access, use and benefit from the advantages of cryptocurrency. Through accessibility, more opportunities will be presented to those who seek it.

We believe by creating a technically and economically sound protocol that is accessible to everyone through open-source, new heroes will emerge and will sieze the opportunity to innovate and continually improve the VeriConomy digital currency and reserve ecosystem.

If you share the same beliefs….that you should control your own money, transactions should be peer-to-peer, permissionless, trustless, fast, and free, then we hope you have an interest in joining our team. We are always looking for those who share our vision to work alongside us in helping to make the dream of “Opportunity Through Accessibility” a reality.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

Margaret Mead

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