ValueChain Whitepaper


This White Book describes that VALUE chain is a technology that applies blockchain technology
and CBT (Cross-Blockchain Transaction) protocol to actualize the seamless consumption
connection between online & offline shop and blockchain assets. It illustrates how to make
seamless connection between any real or virtual consumption place (online & offline shops) and
crypto currency, and reward each consumption by providing VLC tokens, which can also be
consumed on blockchain.

As the first landed project connecting the blockchain to the real
consumer business, the VALUE chain uses infrastructure to interconnect and interoperate physical
and virtual platforms with the aim of creating a secure, stable, transparent and tamper-proof
product. We strive to provide maximum convenience to our users, empower them to use as much
blockchain assets as possible, and let them earn rewards for spending while complying with the
highest safety standards in the ecosystem.

VALUE chain does not belong to any party. Instead, it is an open and distributed network of
authentication nodes that will constrain the behavior of all participants. It uses a protocol tokens
mechanism to create shares certificate blockchain in order to achieve market activity among
participants. This high-performance distributed network allows transactions among various types of
assets—be it an issuer backed by legal currency, or a fully decentralized blockchain token (ERC- 20 and localized crypto digital currency).
Any spend on the VALUE chain, regardless of which tokens are being used, users would
make a “mining” on VALUE chain through CBT protocol conversion. Unlike almost
any other decentralized transaction platform, the distributed network allows for directly
decentralized transactions between different blockchain without the need for
trusted gateway tokens. In addition, market spreads will drop significantly, and market protection
will be reinforced through decentralization regulation and increased transparency in market
activities. The above process ensures the correct pairing of entrusted transaction books by using
smart contracts and protocol tokens. This is a new structure that uses Ethereum guarantee
liquidation and Ethereum smart contract to protect historical transaction data. Key words: sharing economy; consumption mining; blockchain; CBT; value chain; VLC; digital
assets; Ethereum

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