VPNCoin Whitepaper


Bitnet Token is the Future Industry Leading Cryptocurrency Payment Processing Platform. The Bitnet Token Platform
allows businesses and merchants to process and accept Cryptocurrency payments with ease at the lowest fees possible. Make
payments and exchange between Cryptocurrencys with one-click using our All-in-One Platform.

Our Web, Desktop and Mobile Platform allows instant secure access to all or your Cryptocurrencys with ease. Send and
receive Cryptocurrencys without fear. Now there is finally a solution for the everyday user and we cannot wait to release it to
the world.

Unlike other ICO’s that are promising technology that no one will ever use; Bitnet Token has created an ever evolving
platform that can be implemented in the real world to help bring the use and innovative technologies of Cryptocurrency’s to
the everyday public.

The Bitnet Token platform allows businesses and merchants around the world to accept and receive any Cryptocurrency of
there choosing as payment securely. The BitnetToken API integrates with the top Cryptocurrencys and tokens so the user can
send and receive using our platform with ease.

The Cryptocurrency Market is set to grow into a Trillion Dollar Industry in 2018.

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VPNCoin Whitepaper