VINchain Whitepaper

A survey conducted among market participants indicated a need for access to
reliable, secure, and transparent historic operational vehicle data.

The Solution: VINchain
The VINchain project fills this need and solves the problem of asymmetrical
information in the used car market by creating a decentralized, immutable,
transparent, secure, and reliable vehicle lifecycle repository.

VINchain is a decentralized blockchain database that records all relevant
information pertaining to vehicles. For each vehicle, a blockchain passport is
issued which will be stored in a distributed registry. VINchain is also capable of
producing reports that can be ordered immediately by buyers, sellers, and
other market participants.

Information about the vehicle is accumulated in the databases of all system
participants (manufacturers, insurance companies, service stations, banks and
leasing companies, dealers, etc.) during the entire period of its use.

The blockchain-passport of the vehicle is connected to the vehicle
identification number (VIN) and placed in the VINchain blockchain system.
This information is transparent and accessible to everyone with access to the

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VINchain Whitepaper