UpToken Whitepaper


Coinme, Inc. (“Coinme”) is a venture-backed crypto financial services and blockchain
technology company. Launched in early 2014 in Seattle, WA, Coinme was the first licensed
Bitcoin ATM operator in the United States. Since then, Coinme has grown significantly
across the western United States. In addition to operating a network of crypto ATMs, Coinme
has become a vertically integrated provider of digital wallets and an online digital currency
exchange—which provide customers the opportunity to join the crypto financial revolution.

As a fully vertically integrated company, Coinme offers a seamless user experience to
our customers. We manage all aspects of the operation including kiosk hardware and
software, state and federal licensing, regulatory compliance, real estate acquisition,
cash logistics, and customer service. This gives Coinme the flexibility to provide our
customers with an instant, on-the-spot fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat experience.
Our ATMs eliminate the uncertainty, the technical difficulty, and the lengthy waiting
period that online exchanges frequently impose on users.

Today, Coinme’s crypto ATMs provide customers with an effortless financial transaction
experience that eliminates the barriers to crypto-adoption for non-technical users. Our
long-term vision includes bringing modern access to financial services to the billions of
people who don’t have access to traditional banking services. Coinme and the crypto
community believe that providing globally ubiquitous access to crypto ATMs has the
potential to transform the world. From the developed to developing countries, Coinme
firmly believes in and espouses its tenet: “In a crypto world, all communities can rise UP.”
In order to accelerate Coinme’s vision of providing ubiquitous access to crypto ATMs, we
would like to introduce a new crypto-asset, “UpToken.” The purpose of this whitepaper is
to discuss how UpToken’s architecture plays an integral role in building a global network
of crypto ATMs.

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UpToken Whitepaper