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During every technological innovation after the Industrial Revolution, it
seems that entertainment industry gradually falls behind the
development of era. As in this time, only the products like VR make the
public feel refreshing. However, compared to the subversive
development presented by other industries, the frequency of innovation
in the entertainment industry seems far lower than people’s expectation.

It is a historical necessity that the blockchain technology as the ladder
towards value Internet will eventually be integrated with the
entertainment industry. So many key problems in the information
Internet era, such as piracy, copyright use in confusion, difficulties for
intellectual property to liquidate, and the excessive length of supply
chain from input to output between entertainment creators and users,
will get effectively resolved under the blockchain technology. As the
new-generation infrastructure of the entertainment industry, the
“UnlimitedIP” (hereafter as UIP) will continue working on the basic
business functions like copyright evidence in the course of entertainment
creation, intellectual property asset transaction, intellectual property
dissociation and integration, etc. Meanwhile, UIP will explore a new
model that under the context of sharing economy, the ownership of
copyright is only owned by its original author, yet its usage right is shared
in a certain scope. We believe that, the UIP will revolutionize the whole
entertainment industry, subverting the intermediate media industry in
the course from creation to delivery, achieving a point-to-point,
disintermediated supplying model, and providing fans with the
opportunities to hold the IPs that they cherish. Our vision is to promote
the integrated development of scientific technology and entertainment
and fulfill the “New Renaissance” in this century.

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UnlimitedIP Whitepaper