United Traders Token Whitepaper


We are a team of discrete and algorithmic traders who launched our business
immediately prior to the mortgage crisis of 2008, and made a high return on our
investment during that period. Initially, we specialized in American shares. We now trade
shares, futures, options, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

In 2009, we registered United Traders, a proprietary trading company, and proved
ourselves as high-quality investors specializing in the U.S. stock markets.
We know what a professional trader needs to be successful, and so we introduced
Aurora, an excellent multimarket platform, used to directly access U.S. stock exchanges
and other markets as well.

We developed a major finance-related Web portal in Russian. We trained tens of
thousands of people in trading and finance. We created hundreds of professional traders.
We opened our eyes to Russian financial authorities on the problem of binary options.
We are concerned about regulators who promote closed and complex markets, rather
than providing accessibility thereto and transparency thereof; investment banks, which
over the past 200 years have created barriers between companies and access to capital
market opportunities; and algorithmic funds, feeding on easy prey under the guise of
regulators. Moreover, we have many claims against the global economic system, which
contributes to wars and disparity.

We push for a crypto revolution in the global economy

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United Traders Token Whitepaper