Ultra Salescloud Whitepaper

The UST (Ultra Salescloud, abbreviation UST) is a new generation of marketing application ecosystem based on blockchain
technology. It focuses on decentralized, intelligent, trusted, and traceable blockchain technologies, introduces multiple incentives
at the same time. We will crack the pain points in the long-tailed market for malicious/false advertising and fraud traffic in digital
marketing, builds the next generation of intelligent marketing blockchain ecology in the world (especially Greater China and
Southeast Asia).

Significant competitive advantages in
industrial resource & operation track record
Ultra Salescloud has 5,000+ large-scale advertisers,
100,000+ APP media platforms, nearly 200 million
active end-users, more than 600 million user portraits,
10+ billion daily average advertising requests, the
industrial resources and product operation track
record far exceeding comparable projects in the
blockchain space. Has matured DSP, DMP, OSS,
advertising delivery intelligence engine, big data & AI
center, operation system.

Trinity of community building, business
development and concrete roadmap
Ultra Salescloud has utilized the active user
resources accumulated for years, well established
domestic/international partners and marketing
network, overseas promotion channel globally
especially in China & Southeast Asia. We have
concentrate on highly collaborative community
building, strategic cooperation, and technology R&D,
forming a comprehensive capital operations and
communityrelations team.

Blockchain technology and business
model innovation
Ultra Salescloud adopts smart contract and “onchain” of transaction results to ensure that the data is
transparent and can not be tampered with, which
improves overall transparency, authenticity, and
traceability of the advertising industry chain. Using
blockchain anonymous technology, data can hide
sources and prevent user privacy violations and data
abuse. Through the active management of
advertising data by its audience, combined with big
data and artificial intelligence, we can increase the
click and conversion rate of advertisements
effectively. In the blockchain technology
architecture, the Ultra Salescloud will link with
mainstream public chains such as EOS, ADA, Zilliqa,
and Polkadot, to realize the The Internet of Value
among multiple public-chain systems and data
sharing & user ownership according cross-chain

High-profile team, strategic investor and
technical consultants
The core team comes from Silicon Valley and Greater
China, they have more than 10 years of professional
experience in digital marketing with Fortune 500
company, including the blockchain R&D, community
relationship building, e-commerce, payment, financial
organization, and academic institution. We have
Draper Dragon, Hongshang Capital, Rice Ventures,
Beihang Changying, Ferry Venturs, NutsCapital, and
Huang Lianjin (Distributed Business Applications
Founder and CEO) and leading organizations as our
cornerstone investors or technical consultants.

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Ultra Salescloud Whitepaper