Traditional banking is becoming obsolete. Old models of doing business are being replaced by peer-to-peer sharing economies, empowering end users and individual service providers. Blockchain innovations, initially introduced by Bitcoin, are allowing technology to play the role of traditional centralized entities, transfiguring the internal processes of banks and other financial intermediaries into software code that is accessible by all. Brand loyalty and customers for life are turning to financial self-determination via highly available digital tools all courtesy of blockchain technologies. Users are turning towards global services which give them seamless access to services regardless of their ‘financial status’ in the world without the hassles and inaccessibility of traditional institutions. We call this mass change the ‘global unbanking’ and U.CASH is the catalyst to this process by virtue of its business model, technological layer and unique proposition to bring financial services access to all.

U.CASH is a blockchain based financial platform and digital asset converter network with a built in cryptocurrency for payments of fees, execution of smart-contracts and additional functionality. Our retail converters are our branches and ATMs. Retail converters range from brick and mortar businesses to individual mobile converters, providing in-person loading and unloading capabilities. Online converters accept various remote funding options (such as bank deposits, online transfers, remittance networks and other forms of payment) increasing the capability of users to easily access the network even without a retail converter nearby. Our partners are 3rd party providers who enable users with access to specific services in their local areas. These include access to local bill payments, mobile phone service providers, remittance networks, loan management, prepaid cards and much more. Our merchants are businesses (or individuals) who accept U.CASH (or any other forms of digital cash) as payments for their services or products. Our users are anyone in the world who wants to truly control their money, digital assets, data and access to various services and funding methods regardless of where they are. Transactions are entirely peer-to-peer between all users, converters, merchants and partner service providers, allowing for quick settlement and high degrees of trust when used in combination of our review feedback system. Specific smart-contracts enabled by blockchain technology govern all transactions on the network while allowing access to previously impossible types of services such as blockchain based notarization and decentralized escrow capabilities.

Using real world experience and data, backed by consultation and collaboration with multiple partners, U.CASH has developed a new type of financial services system built on a base of blockchain technology and a distributed economic model. Let the unbanking begin.