UGToken Whitepaper


After a two-month collaboration adjustment, ugChain formally completes the integration with a well-known Japanese game team led by Andy. The integrated new project will continue to retain the ugChain brand. It has completed registration with the Singapore Nonprofit Foundation Organization: UGCHAIN FOUNDATION LTD., and issued the new cryptocurrency UGC.

The new ugChain using fund management model, relying on ugChain Singapore Foundation, composed of China, Japan and the United Kingdom team, is the world’s leading blockchain project. ugChain uses the double-blockchain mechanism, which fits decentralized application of ecosystem and ease of use principles to support eco-participants in various countries and regions to establish the main application. The participants can share benefits brought by UGC’s leading blockchain technology, ugChain will also expand the global market, promote innovation in the blockchain industry, and then benefit all community members.

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UG Token Whitepaper